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Gianluca Rinaudo

“AMAZING desserts! Was lucky enough to get in early and try their chocolate crepe cake. Could have gone for seconds, was absolutely delicious…
Staff are very polite and the coffee is great! Little Marionette never seem to let down.
Defiantly will make this place a regular.”


“For a price tag of $9.80, you expect some high expectations and I’m happy to say this matcha crepe cake did itself justice. It was a delight to eat, the 20 layers and green tea cream slathered in between does make you feel a bit heavy after finishing it. Lots of flavour, pretty cutlery, peaceful ambience and nice service. An occasional thing and would like to try other desserts. Keen to come back. “

Kexin Li

“Amazing shop the cakes is great and also the cute tea pots and cups . I’ll go definitely come back next time. Last but not the least, come early cos then tend to sell out fast :p “


“It’s hard to find a cafe these days that actually bakes its own cakes etc and makes them with such tasty, fresh ingredients. I’ve been here twice already in the space of a week. It’s a dangerous thing having a cafe like this only a five minute walk away!

Have tried a few different cakes and pastries as well as the tea and cant fault anything. Cakes and pastries taste super fresh and have some really great, unique flavours.

My personal favourites were the raspberry lychee heart and strawberry shortcake cake! “

Josie Wang

“The cakes are so yummy, the fit out of this shop is really refreshing, i can see how much effort the owners put in, really appreciate it.
I ordered peach earl grey which tastes like heaven, not overly sweet and tastes all natural, The service is great, which is a bonus!!
Definitely will be back and recommend to all my friends.”


” It’s about time we got a local Asian cake cafe in the inner west! This cute little place has its own bakery hidden behind a wooden shutter door.

I tried their strawberry short cake and I have nothing much to complain about here. As I took the plate to the table, I watched the slice gently wobble in its place. The sponge was fluffy, the cream was light and the strawberries were fresh and sweet. Would not particularly say it’s unique or “ah-mazing”, but it’s a simple delicious everyday cake. Have yet to try their other cakes and beverages but from what I saw, it has convinced my mind and taste buds to come back for more.

I can finally say that I have a go-to place to order birthday cakes or satisfy my impromptu cravings (or is it still too early to say? “